Galimax Flavor F-50 for tasty raw plant-based burgers

Galimax is the clean-label range of natural preservatives from Galactic, a company specializing in the development and production of sustainable antimicrobial solutions for the food industry based on natural fermentation.

Galimax Flavor F-50 is produced by a fermentation process to meet all the requirements for use in organic applications.

The declaration 'Basil Flavour' also makes it suitable for a variety of applications: one of the most popular at the moment is undoubtedly the world of "meat alternatives".

 meat alternatives

Galimax Flavor F-50 Basil Aroma (liquid) is ideal for the production of high-quality, juicy, and tempting raw plant-based burgers.

The delicate basil aroma, produced by a slow fermentation of sugar and basil infusion, guarantees a unique taste experience as well as a strong antimicrobial action.

A dosage of 1.5% almost doubles the shelf life of raw plant-based burgers.

raw vegetable burgers

With Galimax Flavor F-50 consumers will enjoy raw vegetable burgers which are juicy and pulpy. They will enjoy a unique taste experience and an extended shelf life.

Galimax Flavor F-50 by Galactic is distributed in Viet Nam by SMARC