Bone & joint health

Joint discomfort can rob a person of their ability to do the simple things in everyday life. Inflammation from exercise has similarities to the type of inflammation that occurs with the aging process. Numerous scientific studies suggest that 

nutrition can play a key role in maintaining healthy bones and mobility as we get older.



Our nutritional solutions address overall bone health, the flexibility of your joints, including cartilage metabolism and the strength of your muscles. Enhancing mobility can help active people from any walk of life perform and feel better - faster.

We recommend common ingredients with premium quality: vitamins (C, D, E, K2…), minerals (Ca, P…), glucosamine, 

chondroitin, collagen (type I, II) from sustainable marine bioresources, plant extract…



Applications: Beverages, stick packs, capsules, tablets, chews, gummies, soft gels…