Sodium alginate and Food Applications

Sodium alginate, also known as sodium alginate, is extracted from brown seaweeds in the form of sodium alginate with M ~ 20,000 - 60,000. Alginate is very water absorbent, able to absorb more than 200 times its molecular weight.

Commercial sodium alginate named Rokogel® 20800 is manufactured and distributed by ROKO company the largest producer of Agar agar in Europe employing a quality assurance system certified in ISO 9001-2000 by Lloyd’s of London.


Rokogel® 20800 is a free flowing powder, off white to yellowish, based on pure Sodium Alginate. Sodium Alginate is a natural polysaccharide, obtained from various types of brown seaweeds (Phaeophyceae), mainly Laminaria and Ascophyllum. It is an unbranched copolymer composed of Guluronic (G) and Mannuronic (M) residues. Its physical properties rely heavily on the sequence of these blocks that vary according to algae, seasonal, and growth conditions.


Mode of action and Properties

Soluble in cold water (solubility depends on pH and cations of the solvent).  

Different types depending on viscosity: 

- High viscosity: 500 - 700cps

- Medium viscosity: 300 - 500cps 

- Low viscosity: < 200cps  

Different gel properties depending on M/G ratio (higher G/M - strong and brittle gels).

Calcium induced gelation of alginate. 

Thermo-irreversible gels.  

Freeze-thaw stability. 

Ideal ingredient for frozen foods.  

Synergy with high methoxyl pectins.  

Good flavor release and mouthfeel.


Natri Alginate is a food additive used as a Gelling, Suspending, and Stabilizer agent in Food applications.


Bird's nest: This is a thickener in the production of a bird's nest.


Ice cream: stabilizer, replace starch and carrageenan. Sodium alginate can prevent and limit the formation of ice crystals during the freezing process, completely inhibit the crystal formation of lactose, emulsify fatty bridges, create high viscosity, and create gels capable of Good water holding capacity making the ice cream not melt.


Beer production: is the main agent creating the durability of beer foam


In the production of mayonnaise, desserts, etc.: thickening and emulsifying, can improve product stability and reduce water content in food.


Instant noodles: through the process of hydration, sodium alginate improves the toughness of instant noodles, vermicelli, vermicelli, etc., making them chewier, and elastic and reducing breakage, increasing the volume of the product.


Agar: pearl jelly, 3Q agar, Popping explosive agar… use sodium alginate to create a sphere.