Upcoming scientific Seminar: "MenaQ7 (Vitamin K2) with bone and cardiovascular health 2023" in Hanoi

Scientific Seminar "MenaQ7 (Vitamin K2) with bone and cardiovascular health 2023" was held at the University of Natural Sciences Hall 19 Le Thanh Tong, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi at 08:00 September 29, 2023.

This is a seminar organized by Midu MenaQ7 Vietnam Joint Stock Company - a company specializing in researching and providing solutions for height development for children and bone health for all ages - in collaboration with Lesaffre Group, a pharmaceutical company. and 170-year-old French biotechnology.

The program has 2 main presentations revolving around the effects of MeanQ7 (the only Vitamin K2 in the world of natural origin) on bone health and cardiovascular health. In particular, this content is presented mainly by Dr. Hogne Vik-Lesaffre's expert council and also the father of MenaQ7. He is the one who has directed more than 20 clinical studies on the effects of MenaQ7 on human health, especially the heart and bones.

Doctor Pham Thi Thanh Hien shared at the functional food industry - health economics seminar on the topic "MenaQ7 with the development of children's height and bone health".

Vitamin K was identified in 1929 by the Danish scientist Henrick Dam and he was awarded the Nobel Prize along with his colleagues for their discovery and research on the role of Vitamin K1 and Vitamin K2 in blood clotting. 

However, it was not until 1983 that people discovered the ability to inhibit calcification of MGP (Matrix Gla protein), a protein available in the body but usually in an inactive state. This protein depends on Vitamin K2 meaning that only when there is sufficient Vitamin K2 content in the body can MGP be activated to do its proper role which is to prevent calcium deposition and thus prevent and reverse it. arterial calcification.

Vitamin K2 thúc đẩy một trái tim khỏe mạnh và hệ xương vững chắc.
Vitamin K2 promotes a healthy heart and strong bones.

Later, scientists discovered the protein Osteocalcin, which binds calcium to bones and this protein also depends on Vitamin K2.

Thus, Vitamin K2 has a dual effect: It helps transport calcium to where it needs to go, which is the bones, and prevents calcium deposition in the blood vessels.

Vitamin K2 under the brand MenaQ7 has also been studied in many health areas such as kidney failure patients, cancer patients, and Covid patients and has shown significant improvements for these patients.


Dr. Hogne Vik (standing in the middle) is very interested in Vietnam and has been to Vietnam 3 times to share about MenaQ7

There are so many health effects, but information about MenaQ7 (Vitamin K2) has not been widely known to Vietnamese people. Even doctors and medical experts have not had the opportunity to learn much about this vitamin.

Therefore, the conference "MenaQ7 with bone and cardiovascular health 2023" was organized by Midu MenaQ7 Company and Lesaffre Group with the desire to share the latest information on clinical studies of vitamin K2 in general and MenaQ7 in particular for humans.

The conference with the participation of more than 200 doctors, medical experts, and health experts promises to have a lot of useful, scientific information surrounding the effects of vitamin K2 with many potentials that need to be explored for human health.


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