Plant - Base ingredients

Many studies have shown that “plant-based”

may reduce risk of developing heart disease, 

cancers and diabetes.

In another aspect, meat alternatives can

decrease direct emissions of animal

agriculture, reduce the use of resources, free

up land for natural climate solutions.


“Plant-based” tends to focus on plant proteins substitutes for meat and fish. For manufacturers, using the 

term ‘plant-based’ is likely to encompass than terms like ‘vegan’, ‘vegetarian’ or ‘flexitarian’. 



Our teams of technical and market experts can provide solutions for some groups that you can see the most about “plant-based” ingredients:


Egg alternatives                                Pulses like peas, beans and legumes

Meat alternatives                              Various starches, proteins, fibres and hydrocolloids

Dairy alternatives                              Nuts, seeds, coconut, rice milk