Nutritional fortification

In recent years the value of fortifying foods

and beverages with essential minerals and

vitamins has been recognised as a cost-

effective way of combating many health


Smarc wants to create value to society by

addressing essential micronutrient


We believe that the right nutrition combined

with being active at every life stage is

fundamental to a healthier lifestyle.



We offers many health enhancing ingredients:


       Vitamin: vitamin A, D, K, E2, thiamine,

niacin, folic acid…


        Mineral: calcium, sodium, magnesium,

potassium, zinc, manganese, iron,


       Others: natural omega 3/6, conjugated

inoleic acids, lactoferrin, human milk


        Acid amin & protein: taurine, lysine,

plant-base peptides, collagen…




Applications: Health drinks, cereals, sports bars, dietary supplements…