Clean-Label system

   Consumers are more

concerned than ever before

with their personal health and


    Today, “Clean-label” is

growing steadily and 

becomes the global


   They are paying attention to

ingredient lists, health claims

and are looking for “100%

natural”, “non GMO”, “no


and “organic” products, which

believed to be better for their




The clean label concept is starting with more focus on minimal processing

and shorter ingredient lists as possible, no artificial ingredients or

synthetic chemicals, E-additives and making sure that consumers are easy

to recognize.



Many “Clean-label” products are considered as a healthier alternative.

To answer rising trend for this products without compromising on taste, texture

and functionality, we offer the best replacement below:




Artificial preservatives

Emulsifier and stabilizer

Texturizing and thickening agents

Artificial dyes

Artificial flavors

Botanical extracts | vitamin E

Flaxseed | native starch

Vegetable fibers

Natural color from vegetable extracts

Natural flavor from fruits, herbal extract